Shutting off comodo3 for diagnostics.

I note there was a topic, now locked, with this title—Xp switch Comodo Firewall off [RESOLVED]

While I can’t disagree with the rationale Eric Egan used to explain what amounts the general case, its does sort of
trigger a question I have.

Because many times I have a diagnostic question that basically boils down to.

I am having some problem ( X ), something is not working as its supposed to, and does this relate to my firewall or not?

Simple yes no binary answer desired. Many years ago, I had another firewall I could simply turn on or off like a light switch. And get an answer, often in seconds, and then turn the firewall back on equally rapidly. Which also usually exonerated the firewall as the culprit because I then knew the problem was somewhere else. Or it told me the problem was with the firewall and I had a configuration problem to work on.

The fact that comodo 3 lacks that, is in my mind, a problem. It just makes troubleshooting harder. And now to answer that question, I might have to completely remove comodo from the computer to get a definitive answer.

You can stop Comodo from booting up in the settings area. Then go into services.msc and set the service to disable and reboot. If any firewall can be easily shutdown then so can malware shut it down that easily. I dont want a firewall that shuts down in 2 clicks of a mouse.

You can also go into msconfig and do a diag start up.