shutdown privilege

I have tried a search on the term “shutdown privilege” and cannot find anything, so any help much appreciated.

Since I re-installed CIS with firewall only yesterday and with pro-acive mode switched on, I am now getting D+ alerts that certain apps on my laptop are asking for shutdown privilege.

I have never noticed these particular alerts in the past and so I assume it is to do with the proactive setting.

any explanations or advice much appreciated, thanks!

D+ traps some of User rights as per “Pseudo COM Interfaces - Privileges” entries under “My Protected COM interfaces” (D+ > Common tasks)

That alert seemingly pertain SeShutdownPrivilege which allows users (or applications they run) to shut down the local computer.

Is that a normal permission for most applications or something just reserved for specific ones? Just want to know why I get this alert and if generally safe to permit it.

AFAIK it would be necessary for those applications to possibly be able to shutdown (probably reboot or logoff as well) the PC instead of the user

Is there any application you would be willing to concede such permission? ???

I only have few applications that are not safelisted and none of them needed LocalSecurityAuthority.Shutdown privilege :frowning:

If ever the developer of an unknown (non safelisted) program saw need :-X to request such permission as far I’m concerned I would obviously prefer to block it and shutdown/reboot manually whenever I see fit. >:-D