Shutdown BOClean without Admin-Rights

I have installed BOClean on a our family - XP-Computer. My wife and my child (14 Years) are working on that machine. I have two accounts, on with and one without admin-rights. I have installed BOClean as admin-user of course.

Than I have changed to my common account without admin-rights an have made a right mouse-click on the tray-icon. The menue appears. I have tried to change some configuration checks. This seems to work, but if I close the menu and open it again, the configuration is restored and my changes are lost. This works as expected, because a user without admin-rights should not make these partly dangerous changes.

I start the menu again and click “Shutdown BOClean” and it works. But that is not what I expected. OK, my family will not shutdown this application but nevertheless it should not be possible. From my point of view it should not be possible do get the menue at all.

How do you think about that. Is it a bug or a feature?

Greetings from Oldenburg in Germany and thanks a lot for your work to keep computers safe for free!