Show that the firewall is on and running like Kerio

Since I’ve had a problem with my Comodo Firewall turning off by itself, I went to Kerio Frewall as a result of that. I think it would be great if you do somthing to let you know that your firewall is running. When you scroll over top the kerio icon it tells you that it is running. Comodo tells you that the launch pad is running. The launch pad can have more then one program inside it. Why not have a little different color to the launch pad fireball when the firewall is running.


Anti-CEO Raggydog! :slight_smile:

Can you pls put this in the wishlist in the personal firewall section. The wishlist there is the one that the developers are following.


Anti-Raggydog CEO! :slight_smile: (Just joking :slight_smile: )