Show Sandbox Notification Alert every time you execute a unknown program [M1963]

1. What actually happened or you saw:

When you start a unknown application you get a Sandbox Notification Alert and green border around the application + the program will be added to unknown File list.

all other time you start that application you get the green border around the program but no Sandbox Notification Alert since the program is already in unknown file list.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

add an option to show Sandbox Notification Alert every time you start a unknown application regardless if it already exist in unknown file list.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

to get the user attention on whats happening and to get a consistency between the alerts.

4. Any other information:

if you change comodo to block all unknown applications you get a alert every time
and elevated privileges alert gives you an alert for every time, for obvious reasons.

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Thanks again.

Accepted. It could be like CCAV, which shows notification all the time.

We can have check box available to show notification all the time, annoyance for non-tech users but may be desired by advanced user.
So this check box will be de-selected by default keeping majority in mind and advanced users can select it.

:-TU Ok