"Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs" isn't working

At least it isn’t working for pcxFirefox. I haven’t tried other programs.

I have COMODO Firewall setup to block all unknown programs that are run from any location except from shared spaces, where unknown programs are run isolated. I checked “Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs,” but it isn’t working. At least it isn’t working for pcxFirefox. “Detect programs which require elevated privileges” works, but the former doesn’t. When run, pcxFirefox is automatically sandboxed.

It will only show an elevation alert when an application such as an installer or updater type program request elevated permissions/administrator rights (Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+ Sandbox, Internet Security Alerts | Internet Security). So pcxFirefox is a normal application that doesn’t require administrator privileges so it will not produce an unlimited access/elevated permission request alert from CIS. To prevent pcxFirefox from being sandboxed whenever it is updated, you need to create an ignore auto-sandbox rule with the folder where you run pcxFirefox from.

Ah, I see. I was testing the feature because I thought I may be able to use it as a convenient way to allow unknown programs that I know are safe. I figured I probably misunderstood it though. Do you know of a way to have the sandbox prompt the user to choose whether or not he wants to isolate a new unknown program?

It is not possible to currently ask to sandbox unrecognized applications but a wish does exit for this to be implemented here: https://forums.comodo.com/waiting-area-please-cast-your-votes-cis/comodo-should-ask-if-you-want-to-sandbox-an-application-before-it-runs-t112245.0.html