Show option to exclude current site when click extension.


I would like to wish for a feature in PrivDog that lets you exclude a site directly from clicking the icon for the extension, this will save quite some time and clicks and you won’t have to type the url either.

Edit: Captainsticks came up with some good ideas for adding the site to excluded list temporarily and permantently.

And w33d3r expanded on that with the option of removing the current site from the exceptions list.

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

+1 (Edit)

Voted. :-TU
Could add the options,

  1. Exclude current site this visit only.
  2. Add current site to the exceptions list permanently.

That’s a good idea, should I add it to the wish? ??? If I do add it, should I wipe the votes or leave them be?

  • 1 for the OP and the above

… and add to that wishlist …

3) Remove Current Site from the Exceptions list

Or maybe better - This option would change so that a site not added to the exception list would have …

  1. Add current site to the exception list

and if the site aleady is in the exception list …

  1. Remove current site from the exception list

I like your idea of alternating context. :-TU

Thanks for the poll edit SanyaIV, I have changed my vote to option 2. :-TU

There’s this site i cant get it work even if i added it to exceptions. I added like this but it keeps blocking everything.

Add “” without the quotes.

Thanks, it did the trick.

I like captainsticks idea and would implement in a right click menu so I don’t have to go all the way up to the address bar.