Show exactly what is being blocked when clicking the extension.


First let me start by saying that it doesn’t seem like this part of the forum has a wishlist part yet or anything like that so I will post my wishes in here.

I would very much like for PrivDog to show what it is blocking, like Ghostery which says for example “Google Analytics” etc. Pretty simple wish ;D

Edit: w33d3r came up with a good idea on how to do this!

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

+1 ( Edit)

How to Ghostery. Also add and delete . :-TU

+1 - But without making the window huge

I think the categories being expandable ( click or user setting ) to show these would be good.

I agree +1

Voted. :-TU

Thanks for adding the second option in the poll, which gets my vote. :-TU

yes…good ideas…

we want more ideas pls…how about PrivDog telling you if your FB configuration is “leaky” or not? or your linkedin configuration etc…

Privacy Dog is all about your Privacy…We want to protect our users and their privacy without harming the environment.

Please keep the wishes coming…

That’s a good idea as long as none of the information is collected and you can disable it.

what else do you guys see as a privacy problem?
lets create a huge list of wishes and solve this Privacy problem while being environmentally friendly :slight_smile:

Sorry !ot!


So the AdtrustMedia (my company) .....
Could you add the installation - the choice of browser? Thank you.

Just an idea here, some sites share user information with 3rd parties to gain some extra cash, this can be data you provide them with when you sign up etc, so how about a list of sites that are known for sharing this data in this way and then display a warning when you reach their sign-up page etc?
Just an idea.

we will make PrivDog available to all 3 main browsers very shortly, when you install you should install it in all browsers to make sure there is no Leak…otherwise PrivDog will bark :slight_smile:

can you pls explain what you mean?

Yes good idea…but these sites usually have some sort of a tracker on their site…so when you go to their site they know where else you have been and record that you also went to their site…PrivDog barks, bites and then pees on these kind of sites…so you are safe already :slight_smile:

I mean for example. I want it to ComodoDragon, but do not want to Ice.
Just when it will be for IE.
just wanted to choose where to install.

It turns out you need to install on all browsers? :-
Where is the guarantee that it will not conflict with other add-ons?

....when you install you should install it in all browsers to make sure there is no Leak....otherwise PrivDog will bark
If you then disable in any browser - will it affect?

Sure the trackers are blocked but you’ve still given them the information when signing up, like e-mail and real-name which they are able to sell to third parties, once signed up there isn’t much more you can do about it, but if PrivDog would “bark” and show a notification when you reach their sign-up page, which says that the company is known for selling the information you provide them in the form, it may make users re-think about using their real information.

I see what you mean…its difficult find out programatically what they do with your email behind the scenes…but maybe a user reported scoring facility of some sort would be useful…

You don’t have to install in all browser…we will enable so that you can choose…
but the problem is…you might be protected using the browser u have privdog in but the other might “leak your privacy” :(…its an area we must consider…

Yes indeed, which is why I wrote known to share the information. :wink:

Similar to web of trust? I can see that, as long as it’s optional.

I don’t know if it’s possible or even useful but perhaps something that warns of dodgy privacy policy on the site you are signing up for? I don’t know how it would work but lets say that when you open the sign-up page, PrivDog scans for a privacy policy or EULA and if found it scans through it to see if there is anything dodgy. Like I said, I don’t know if it would be useful, probably it wouldn’t be useful since most privacy policies are dodgy. 88)

Thanks for the reply.
I’m sorry SanyaIV for my !ot!
Success. :-TU

Hmm, perhaps a function similar to HTTPS everywhere? And perhaps a warning if a user is trying to fill in a form on a insecure page (not https)?