Show domain name instead IP (if possible)

Hi all.

I´m using you Firewall and it is a must!

But always it shows an alert, the remote IP is showed. It´s OK,
but you could make the life easier if you showed the DOMAIN NAME too,
if possible.

I always have to do a nslookup in order to identify if I block or no a request…

Oh, and I miss a screen where I can see a list of blocked/unblocked sites…


I too would like to see the domain name in the alerts. Good suggestion.




I vote yes for this feature too! :-TU

An optional, not default, lookup for ip’s in the Traffic and Log windows might be nice too.

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Definitely a useful feature.
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Another in agreement with adrianrb here… What are the possibilities of incorporating an “additional tools” option, where little progs like “IP Tools” or “Sam Spade” could be incorporated at the users desire ??? This ability would be a great added functionality … (Uh,mmm… “Functionality” ??? is that really a word ???) I’m not sure myself !!!

But once again… Thanks guys for a Great security package !!!

Hi There!
Thank you very much for your outstanding Firewall but please add this capability too (Showing domain name instead IP address, I mean)