"show comodo antivirus" interface problem [WORKAROUND]

Having used comodo firewall for some time I thought I would give the antivirus a whirl.
Using XP pro sp2.
The antivirus installed without problem but when I selected “show comodo antivirus” the interface popped up but all status’s read “refreshing” and none of the buttons worked.
The only way to close the interface was to right click on the taskbar and select “close”.
The antivirus itself seemed to be running fine in the background and HIPS was popping merrily and it updated ok.

After hours of research I could not find any information on the problem but during the course I discovered that the about box in internet explorer (which I never use opting for Opera instead) contained no information and the “ok” button did not work.
So searching down this problem I came across the following page: Internet Explorer "About" box is completely blank; Unable to type in text boxes in websites

Running the second item “REGSVR32 JSCRIPT.DLL” from the start/run dialog fixed both my internet explorer and comodo problems.

I only post this to save someone else the potential headache I had. Well that’s not strictly true it was an interesting problem.
Hope it helps someone.

Thanks to Comodo for the hard work in making these applications available for free.

Thanks a lot for sharing this, it might help some users.



Thanks for the post. I ran up against this last night. Will give the solutions a try
after work, and let you know how it goes.


I have the same problem. I ran those commands and the problem still seems to exist.

I have the same issue. I can’t open the “show Ccomodo Antivirus” screen at all.

I can use the system-tray icon to select commands to turn on/off etc. but the main window will not open and display.

A solution would be most appreciated, as the one above did not work.

thank you, thank you. I had same problems and + the problem with my mail. And I fixed all with your help. :BNC :-TU

Same problem. The workaround “REGSVR32 JSCRIPT.DLL” fixed opening the help file from the task bar, but the show comodo antivirus still does not work. I have been using comodo for some time. This is a recent occurrence. Please help. Great product.

Hi Guys,

Just wait for CAV3 please Because CAV2 Development has stopped.


Hi Guys.

Screen Shots for CAV3/CIS & Info has been posted here:

This thread is now closed… As we await the launch of CAV3 & CIS!