Shouldn't other Cyber Security Vendors be Transparent?

Comodo is the First and so far the ONLY cybersecurity vendor who publishes its track record on how well it protects its customers/users by publishing the full details.

Transparency is a key to establishing trust.
As a Cybersecurity leader, we are leading the pack and releasing our Historical Track Record. Good or bad, it has to be users that needs to make that decision. Our job is to arm them with the data.

Any Cybersecurity unwilling to provide this historical data on their efficacy will lose their customers and users trust. Afterall what are they trying to hide by not releasing this data?

Cybersecurity has been riding the ‚ÄúMarketing‚ÄĚ hype of everyone ‚ÄúPromising‚ÄĚ 100% security‚Ķ but noone is releasing whether they actually achieved that 100% security they promised or not‚Ķ
Let me tell you this, 100% security does NOT exist and the day of ‚ÄúPromising‚ÄĚ a future based on marketing hype is gone!

Time to judge Cybersecurity companies based on their historical performance!
We do that in many industries, from Airlines to Cars.

Time to be Accountable to our users and customers!


Instead of being mavericks, I see too many in the industry following the herd.

Transparency is not of this world.

This makes you different and better than others :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you!

Proof is the pudding as the saying goes.
Being Transparent is a luxury only the best Cybersecurity companies can afford!

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