Should we turn off Windows Firewall after installing Comodo IS?

Comodo IS does not disable Windows Firewall. So I wonder, should WF be disabled?
Also i have enabled popup alerts for Comodo IS Firewall.


After each installation of CFW I have to disable WFW manually.

The windows firewall service should still be running as its required on windows 10 for certain functions and security. Windows Defender should report that Comodo is the firewall privider however.

I left windows firewall on after installing CIS. Haven’t had any issues at all with both cis firewall and windows firewall running, so yes u can leave it on if u want to.

we can active or disabled windows firewall with comodo internet security installed… :-TU

sorry my english!

Isn’t Comodo Firewall enough on its own? I wonder about that.

Only CF is enough for the system? Please give me a clear answer.

It really depends on what windows app’s u are using.App’s like the xbox console companion require windows firewall so if u are not using any of the app’s that require it u can turn windows firewall off.