Should the Hips be turned off when you turn off Behavior Blocker.

I have noticed that when you have HIPS enabled. when you turn off the Behavior blocker throught he main UI. Just the BB is turned off not the HIPS which is why I ask that when that is turned off it also turns off the HIPS part of Defense+ Which Is why I think that it should Be Defense+ instead of Behavior Blocking so the User knows that he turned it off without having to go into the advanced setting. Or should they have HIPS and Behavior Blocking two different things were when you turn off BB, HIPS is still on etc. Hope you guys understand. Just ask questions if you find this confusing.

No, the HIPS and the BB are two different components. Thus, if the user does not want to use the sandbox, but instead the HIPS component, it absolutely makes sense that the HIPS component should not be disabled.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question. If I am can you please explain to me exactly which area of the UI you are talking about disabling it through?


When you click on active. you get Antivirus, Firewall, and Behavior blocker. I would think that they could add HIPS was well with in Parenthesis For advanced user that is off by default.

Okay, now I understand. Yes, adding HIPS as an option there would be useful.

I don’t understand. Where can you “click on active”? I see no such option.

As to the title of the thread (which the poll does not follow in my opinion) I would say, no you should not turn off both BB and HIPS. I feel that the default Internet Security configuration with the BB on and HIPS disabled is sufficient since the devs have stated that HIPS is never completely turned off if it says disabled and BB is on.

Are u using CIS 6. On the main interface. You should see Real-time protection: Active. you click on active and you should get what I am talking about. I am aware that it won’t completely Turn off HIPS but it should suppress most alerts if you do.

Okay, I didn’t know you could click on that for information. I thought it simply meant that the protection was active. ;D

It will also give you info if the HIPS are on or off.