Should Moderators have the same Signature/Avatar?

So I have to make a custom sig for each person?

Ummm… No. The Mods do it them selves.


Oh…I was thinking that I was going to make a final animated GIF image & give it to all of the mods. How shall each mod do it themselves?

If it can do the frames in different files we can put them together afterwards, no problem.

Oh what have I started… I just wanted a decent, more or less common, signature for us. :slight_smile:

I’m perfectly happy with my current kind of signature and I see it’s being used by Dennis2. Furthermore, CGPMaster uses my previous signature. :a0



I did, because i liked it and i changed it up a little


you guys should be named: COMOderators!.. (:WIN) and yes I agree that you guys should have some sort of picture that is only for the mods… so you will be recognized better and you distinguish yourself better… think something like the comodo staff logo… (:WIN)

just my 2 penny’s…

I Joined the Club. :-TU

I made a poll here guys. Will close this one.


Please Specify your answer here guys.

I like the idea personally - See my sig below… Something like this for Moderators. Sorry for closing your Thread Xan, Just wanted a poll. Think of Avatars too…


Would like it to be an animated image. (:TNG)

A different avatar adds some flavor and are not that boring IMHO :slight_smile: It’s easy to distinguish a mod anyway 88)

Comodo Moderator: Maintains order at the forum and makes sure the policy is followed.

That defenition doesn’t cover it : Comodo has Developers and Employees who are Administrators or Moderators, but don’t maintain the forum.

Greetz, Red.

Grrrrrr !!!


No problem, only don’t see the need for a poll ? ???

Well, we want to make a difference between volenteers like me and the official Comodo employees…


I voted for other, because I mean you guys should have some sort of common signature and pic besides your own avatar and signatures… see it as as an extra space you have for your own next to the official stuff…

ok, just my view on this.

have a nice day.

It’s fine the way it is. Signatures is something personal that makes you different from the rest

We do! →


For some reason, I don’t think that he meant that :slight_smile:


Ok guys, this is what Jeremy made for me


Personal opinion…Looks horrible :-TD blocking it now with ABP.
No disrespect but its just to flasy and coloury and you cant read what it says.
Simple and too the point is what(if anything) is needed.


My opinion: (well I made it so I might be a bit biased) I like flashy things. :wink: I wasn’t sure about Xan though. :THNK I could make a plain text one too of course.

BTW, I like blocking things with ABP too :smiley: Firefox with ABP is the best.