Should I update to CIS 4?

Hello all, I’m currently using CIS v3.14 and am wondering wether or not I should update to CIS 4. Everything is working alright. Just wondering wether or not I should take the if it isn’t broke don’t fix it approach or if CIS 4 is much better than the current version I have installed that it warrents an update. Thanks.

Any opinions? Thanks.

Version 4 will bring sandboxing as part of the Default Deny strategy of Comodo.That means that when an application is not found safe it will sandbox it. The user can choose to not sandbox it the next time the application gets started.

The Global Firewall Rules changed to denying all unsolicited incoming traffic. THis was the default for v3.x when using Proactive Security Policy.

Comodo is still working on the update from 3.14 to v4 for the program updater. That is said it will maintain your v3.14 settings.