Should I/Shouldn`t I

Hello to all,ive been following the CMF topic for a bit now and have allways bottled it when coming to install it.From reading around it seems pretty stable now so should i go for it or wait until its bundled in with CPF v3.How vulnerable are u if behind a router with CPF v3 installed?

Advise appreciated Matty


From what I gather, CFP version 3.1 will be released tomorrow (Monday). This may include an implementation of CMF, so you may want to wait and see what this new version brings.

As for your router, if it has a firewall onboard, you should be reasonably safe however common ports could still remain open or traffic could still get through if not configured properly.


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Erm. Back on topic, I’m in the same situation as Matty, except I don’t have a router. Having a router doesn’t mean you’re safe from BO. I also thought that the next update tomorrow might include it, but I doubt it since there are probably some outstanding minor bugs. My recommendation is to test it out and if it’s stable, keep it until CFP includes it.

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Cheers folks,im gonna give it a whirl(whats the worst that can happen)?

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Just to let all know CMF installed now for a couple of days,no probs so far :-TU

Nice 1 Matty


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