Should I move to Comodo Again? Please help me! :(

Hello, I want to change to Comodo(Again)

I have used 4.1 of comodo, but when I installed 4.1 ones, and I had no other security software installed, it could detect Eicar first day, but after 3 days of use, IT COULD NOT detect the Eicar file anymore and it crashed when the Antivirus popped up/could not clean it!

PLEASE HELP ME! I want a reliable protection but I wanna have this problem fixed! Please! :-[

Why don’t you try it? Test run it in VMWare [NOT virtualbox] and see for yourself…
Besides, eicar is a joke. Not a real virus. Also, check out youtube videos of CIS 5.

well, not so a joke, it shows how an executable can modify self…

i think you will be happy with cis 5 i am currently using it and its great. i have never been infected when cis was installed

I am certain you would be impressed with CIS V5, it has multi layered protection, but still light on system resources. IMO it is way up there with the best. If in doubt just do a bit of research and searching on CIS V5 and I am certain you will agree. CIS V5 is quite an improvement from CIS V4.1. Hope it gives you peace of mind as it does for me. Kind regards.

Hello thanks for your replies - Yes, I think I will be happy for Comodo 5.0

But when I ones installed Comodo 4.1, it didnt work after 3 days… I test lately my AV against eicar for it to work.

That means, when I had CIS 4.1 installed, I checked against Eicar, it worked!
But after 3 days, I tested again - And the problem came… The pop-up for the antivirus came up, and crashed.
Then I restarted Comodo, and then it could find it - I clicked Clean, but the EICAR FILE WAS DOWNLOADED TO MY PC… :frowning:

This also happened ones when I had CIS5.0 installed, the same problem occured…

I beg you… please help me fix my problem, and I will use CIS5.0 to worlds end… it’s also the only security out there that gives 100% protection…
Help me fix my Problem.


why not choose the “first layers of protection” from comodo, and a “first layer protection” from an antivirus that was meant to be a standalone antivirus?

Sorry… but this does not fixes my problem! :‘( Read my previous post :’(

Download Eicar file but not compressed, and save it to desktop. Then try Eicar.

sure, it fixes your problem, as you dont have to face your comodo antivirus bug not more.

and eicar test (and archive scanning without performance decrease) will work too.

what else problem you have? :slight_smile:

I download and install comodo tommorrow. If the same Problem occure, I will change the AV component to another product…


Good for you :stuck_out_tongue:

TheDragon42- I also had plenty of problems with v4.1, but by v5.0 all of the problems I had in v4.1 were gone and v5.0 has been running smoothly and quietly on my Win 7 x64 computer ever since. Try it, you might like it!