Should I be worry?

I’m using Vista and couple times my desktop background changes itself to one I set for my administrator account. I always use a limited account and sometimes not often the desktop background would change to the one I set for admin account for no apparent reason say once every two months.

Should I be worry?

Does CIS protect against keylogging?

It should protect you indeed. Did you run a scan?

Yea after my desktop background was changed I ran CIS AV scan, superantispyware scan and Malwarebyte scan and they don’t give me anything. they all reported my PC as being clean. Malwarebyte had one false positive though I know it’s a flase positive after reading it through the internet. I even scanned with Avira nothing was found.

I was worry about keyloggers because my desktop abckground reverted to the admin’s default so I thought of hacking.