Should I be blocking this?

I was looking at the firewall (Comodo) Network Security Policy and I noticed that one of the IPs that my ISP Vodafone Connect Box is allowed to connect to is I made a search on and the result is this

According to it no attacks occured from such IP, which may mean that is a good connection? Or a needed one? No idea. I will block it and see what happens.

I also performed a google search and the IP belongs to . I never had idea that such thing even existed… Nor did I ever connected to such site. Odd?

For what I understand they’re a ISP. I never noticed a warning asking for my internet service to ever connect to such IP. The only alerts I get are to allow/deny connection to the OpenDNS IPs, which I allow.

I’m not worried with it as there no connections to it. I just have no idea how and if it ever connected, because as I said, I do not remember such warning. That’s odd.

Any thoughts on this?

Edit: the rule for it is: Allow TCP Out From IP Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is 80

Hmmm… today, I saw the alert for such connection when I connected to the internet. I blocked it. Such connection is not needed for my service to work. I think I will contact Vodafone and ask them if they’re partnering with the company to whom the IP belongs to.