Should I be aware of all these outgoing connections???

I am using Comodo firewall 3.5.5. I have been seeing excessive amount of outbound connections when I surf online. Usually I only use Firefox Browser with 4-5 tabs open. I usually go to facebook, youtube, yahoo, hotmail and some other streaming media services. 88)

But these huge excessive outbound connections(usually from 30-67) are making me worried since I didn’t have that many connections ( I usually had 15-50 outgoing connections). Suspecting that I have viruses I scanned my PC with Norton 360 and Sophos, both of them found nothing. Should I be worried about these huge amount of excessive connections or it’s something usual. :frowning:
** When I see excessive amounts under the traffic tab, I see firefox.exe, couple of svchost.exe’s and liveCOMserver.exe. ******
I can trust firefox and livecCOMserver(norton update). But I am not sure why i have so many svchost.exe’s. Can anyone help me please??? Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

SVCHOST is usually a windows service(s). There should be several of them. As for that many connections, it sounds normal to myself… If you want to do a bit more research on them… type in the IP addresses at;

I would Assume that norton 360 and sophos would be correct in saying that you are free from malware. (Nothing is 100%… but they would be about 99.9…%)

Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. I looked up some of the IP addresses on the websites and turns out some of the ips belong to ARMY. I don’t know what the hell armies ips are doing in my computer, making inbound and outbound connections. What should I do about those? Are those viruses or something like that. I don’t work in the army or anything like that. Is it normal? Please let me know.

This is very strange… can you please tell me the IP that says it comws from the army?
you can stealth your ports by using the stealth ports wizard.