Should I allow these Windows OS events?


Comodo reports that it is blocking these two similar events:

application: windows operating system; protocol is UDP; source IP; source port 67; destination IP; destination port 68.

The second event is almost the same, except that the protocol is ICMP; the source port is Type(3); the destination IP is my static IP; and the destination port is Type (13)

I have a single computer with a Motorola SBV 5120 “Surfboard” modem from my cable company and therefore no router.

The lookup of the source IP shows that it belongs to: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority which I assume is “friendly”.

I would like to know what these events are (google turns up nothing) and if I should allow them. If “yes” would someone be kind enough to point me to a tutorial (or if it’s simple, just tell me) how to allow them.

I have not noticed any problems caused by Comodo blocking these events.


Hello 737 (anything to do with a boeing running CMF engines ?),

This is DHCP traffic, DHCP is used to provide your pc an ip-address maintained from your providers servers.
10.x.y.z is so called ‘private ip-space’ that can be used in any “internal” network not “directly” connected to the internet (they use Address Translation for it to go to the internet).

ICMP 3 / 13 is Destination Unreachable, Communication Administratively Prohibited, looks like your trying to connect to something firewalled.

Can you check to see if your setup uses DHCP ?
Open a command-box (start, run, cmd, ENTER)

ipconfig /all

check for this:
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes

If so it would be best to allow UDP range 67 - 68 In/Out to be created on a global rule (Firewall, Advanced, Network Policy, Global Rule tab).

Thank you for your quick reply; sorry about posting in a second forum I didn’t realize I shouldn’t.
Yes, DCHP is enabled, so I created the rule with the specific IP addy and ports.
I’m not quite certain why my dell (XP Pro SP3) came with it enabled; my ISP has given me a static IP address. Do you think DHCP should be disabled? Any advice? Thanks again!

You can check the full settings with

Ipconfig /all

Again and see what ip address you have received from the DHCP server if it’s a 10.x.y.z number and DHCP is YES then you could have a fixed address but then it’s a reservation made on the DHCP server, so you don’t have to configure your IP Stack on your pc.

So if it states Yes i would leave it this way and allow DHCP traffic in the firewall rules.

Thank you, Ronny! I’ve done so, and it works just fine now. I appreciate your help!