Should I allow these connections? [Resolved]

Incoming connection

Servicehost.exe - ms-rpc(135)
System - 139

Both occurred yesterday on my fresh install of the latest CFP v3 with in a minute of each other.

I’m on dialup, sad to say, and the source IP address is similar to my dialup IP address

I clicked block, but did not have CFP remember my choice.


Unless you’re networked to other PC’s in your area or dwelling, I would block them.

Hmm…let me see what I dug up on the god known as Google:

Thanks for your reply and information.

I kind of thought they should be blocked. However, how do I go about setting up a rule to block servicehost.exe from connecting to port 135 while allowing servicehost to do what it needs to do?

I will block the system - 139 the next time it pops up with the remember box checked, unless I can create a rule now to accomplish this.

By the way I did the grc stealth test and I came up ok.

Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > depending on your preference and current setup, add a rule in Application or Global tab

Manual rule creation tends to be more advanced, so if you’re unsure the next time the alert comes up, just block and enable the remember option. That will let CFP auto create the rule.

Great!! — I’ll let Comodo write it. It comes up every once in while. Next time I’ll block with remember ticked.

Thanks again.

No problem . Should the need arise you can PM a mod to open the thread/