Should I allow these blocked events?[CLOSED]


Comodo reports that it is blocking these two similar events:

application: windows operating system; protocol is UDP; source IP; source port 67; destination IP; destination port 68.

The second event is almost the same, except that the protocol is ICMP; the source port is Type(3); the destination IP is my static IP; and the destination port is Type (13)

I have a single computer with a Motorola SBV 5120 “Surfboard” modem from my cable company and therefore no router.

The lookup of the source IP shows that it belongs to: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority which I assume is “friendly”.

I would like to know what these events are (google turns up nothing) and if I should allow them. If “yes” would someone be kind enough to point me to a tutorial (or if it’s simple, just tell me) how to allow them.

I have not noticed any problems caused by Comodo blocking these events.


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