Should Comodo include full light virtualization functions into CIS or CTM

I started thiis poll in the CIS section, but I have also included an option for the Shadow Defender code to be possibly integrated with CTM in the future, plus other voting options. Personally I would love to see a software with the unique rootkit-killing abilities of Shadow Defender integrated into a future CTM version. Imagine excellent snapshot and light virtualization tech (that is able to withstand and fully undo sohisticated rookit infections even when antiexecution is not present or active), both within the same freeware program!

If you are not familiar at all with the concept of light virtualization and think that a rootkit is probably a gardening product and a bootkit has to do with shoes, then you most probably still rely just on basic antivirus and antimalware software alone to keep your system safe. In this case read on anyway. Your attitude towards you’re system’s security is about to change! Here’s the exact words of a good friend of mine on whose computer I recently installed light virtualization software. After realizing the benefits of such software he said to me: Why the hell didn’t I know that such a thing existed??? This is the kind of reaction I often get when I introduce people to this kind of software, and lets face it, most ‘mainstream’ users don’t even know that such tech exists.

Please read the first post for important info on light virtualization and the unique properties of Shadow Defender, before voting. Here’s the link:

Here’s a reply that maybe useful to people who may think that the upcoming Kiosk is the answer to all this:;msg622368#msg622368