Shorten the context menu entries for CPM

Attached is a screen capture while the context menu is displayed for a Start menu item. When clicking on the attached image, you may have to increase magnification in the new window to read the text in the context menu. Notice the following:

  • There are 2 CPM entries. This isn’t many but it twice more than needed. Too many programs want to add entries to the context menu but use a flat layout where all their entries are in the 1st level of the context menu. Instead a single entry for the product should be used that opens a submenu for multiple entries for the product. So, in this case, CPM should have 1 entry in the context menu which opens a submenu to show its 2 current entries. Later if CPM adds more context menu entries, they won’t bloat the content menu since there will still be only a single CPM entry.
    [li]There appears a bug in adding the CPM context menu entry as 2 separator lines are displayed. Under the CPM entries in the context menu are 2 “group” separators (which means one group is empty).

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