Shockwave Problem..

I already know there’s a good chance that you guys can’t help me since it has to do with a plugin but I figure I might as well ask, it’s not like it’s costing me anything…

I’m having trouble viewing videos, things are choppy and at times it comes up and says “shockwave plugin has crashed”
I know that at times both Flash & Shockwave have the tendency to be unstable, but was just hoping if there was a fix for this as I have the latest plugins for both installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciative as it gets annoying watching videos online

unless it’s perhaps “Do Not Track Plus” causing conflicts ?.. well if anyone else uses that plugin and has no issues with flash video let me know.

OK I believe I solved the problem myself as at the time of all the problems with the shockwave plugin I was actually using the beta versions of both flash and shockwave… When I uninstalled them and installed the stable plugins I just tested on one video and I didn’t have any issues… As this one video was giving me massive amounts of issues and I couldn’t get through 1min of it. But I’m hoping I solved the problem and felt the need to post the conclusion incase anyone else here suffers the same problem.

Hi 4einc,
Thanks for posting your findings, yes it could very well help others. :-TU