Shields Up

Just a Question I went to the shields up site to test the firewall everything was great except for the ping request. How do I configure comodo to block ping request?

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Keep in mind with GRC (or any online test) if you are using a router, it is the router being scanned, not Comodo or your computer.

If you installed CPF on “Automatic” rather than “Manual/Advanced,” and have not changed any of the Network Rules created by default, you are protected against unsolicited Inbound ICMP Echo Requests.

Also keep in mind with GRC (or any online test) that they are not the most reliable sources for determining the security of your computer. It is far more reliable to use a resident scanner such as Superscan, which will scan your localhost.

If you feel that you need a specific rule to block ICMP Echo Requests, that’s easy to do, and we can show you how…


PS: I moved your post over to “Help” so that you’d get more coverage on the question.