Shields up! test results

I just ran the Shields Up! scan and it said that port 21 is open and port 113 is closed. How do I change these to closed and stealth? Or is it really an issue?


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Do you connect direct to the internet, or do you connect through a router?


I use a wireless connection through my roommate’s router via his account. I think. :-\

If you’re connecting through a router, the results you’re seeing from ShieldsUp are form the router, not from your PC. This can be verified by checking your PCs current IP address and comparing it to the IP address being tested by ShieldsUp. My money’s on the table that they are different addresses.

If you’re running CFP V2.4 then all ports are stealthed by default. Ports are only opened if there is an application running that is using that port, otherwise they are stealthed.

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OK, stupid question: how di I find and compare the two IP addresses?

Ha. Might have found it. ShieldsUp says the IP address is one thing and CFP says another (under System Info). Am I right? So ShieldsUp is looking at the router, not my computer?

If I may chime in, I mentioned in another thread (although maybe no one believed me) that ShieldsUp can get the IP altogether wrong. It happened to me a few years ago while I was still on dialup (no router). The IP showing on ShieldsUp was for a completely different ISP than mine. I found some online discussion of the issue (edit: Googling around, I think to do with proxying on the part of the ISP, not necessarily the same as adopting a proxy server as a user), so it was a known issue. It was said that results would not be valid in that case.

AFAIK, the IP reported at ShieldsUp should match the one on the router’s own status page, which should be the ISP-assigned IP. Does that sound right?

Ok, after a little more investigation I found that two other online sites and the header info from a post I made give the same IP address as ShieldsUp, but that address is different from the one shown by CFP under the System Info. So it looks like CFP has the wrong address?

Andres, are there other IP’s when you click the Next/Previous link?

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No. There is only the one. I don’t have a “Next/Previous” link.

Ok, I found something else through Trace Route. CFP shows my external IP, not internal (the one listed on these posts). Is that good or bad?


Umm, just to clarify…

The IP address showing on your posts here is the external one, as assigned by your ISP. This will match up with the IP shown by online testing such as GRC (it will change slightly from time to time as your ISP updates it, but should still be in the same range).

If you are behind a router, this will create an internal/network IP address; typically 192.x.x.x. This will be the IP shown in Comodo.

If you have no router, there is no difference in the IP addresses.


Thanks for the clarification. So, I guess my real question is: am I safe with things as they are (with CFP), or should I do/change something?

Just one more thing: Why does ShieldsUp! say that I have open and non-stealth ports but have my IP address right? Am I not “behind” the router? It seems like the test results are for the router, but the IP address is mine. ???

You should be safe as you are. However, if you want to PM what you are seeing as “your” IP address (Mods can see users’ IPs) I can confirm if this is external. Also, PM me the IP address showing on the Summary Page of CFP, under the Network Settings section (where it shows your NIC card, MAC address, etc).