Shell Code Injection

Has anyone seen the warning window in this build? In the previous build I received a warning that the СIS should do. In this build, the program has been scanned online and found safe (also automatically moved to the trusted files), but does not start. I manually added to the exceptions and all started fine. Maybe that warning was removed, and all blocked by default, even trusted files …

Best regards, Alex.

What file is causing this behaviour?

This sounds like a bug to me. In order to submit it as a bug could you please describe the problem as described here:

When it is in the proper format please post it in the bug topic. That way your bug will be picked up and can be further tested by the Comodo QA people.

This is an executable file from a professional financial program. Programs with internal self-defense, so I’m not entirely sure this is a bug. Also, the problem could arise because of my experiments with security software, I do not use a virtual machine :). I’m going to change computer soon and then it will be clear whether the bug is …

Thanks for your reply Eric and best regards, Alex.

This is not a bug, but rather some small uncritical incompatibility with this program. I looked in the topic with bug reports that Diamond Tools startup initiates a warning. Put it himself, and voila - I got a warning.

PS: This is a good final release will be, given the short thread with bug reports and the fact that half of them are not bugs, but not understanding the principles, great job developers. :slight_smile: Realy like it.


Alex- I just finished reading your posts on this thread and I could not help but stop to mention just how much of an amazing improvement you have made over such a brief period of time!


I agree! Posts are much better written and so easier to read and understand :-TU :slight_smile:

Maxx, Adonis thanks 88). I like the community Comodo, so I try to learn :). And you never know where can be useful new knowledge - I love learning.

Have a nice time, Alex.