Sharing iTunes Library

Hey everyone, new to the fourm but have been using Comodo for a few months, love it! My only problem is that i cannot share my itunes library across my office at university when Comodo is active. When i have just the windows firewall it works fine, but when Comodo is on i can listen to others music but they cannot acces mine. Does anyone have a way to define a rule to allow itunes to share on a PC??? Thanks in advance, Matt

Ok sorry i am an idiot i didnt read the forum rules…
Here is a simple review of what i have installed

  • Comodo
  • ADSL connection
  • XP media centre with admin login
  • Sopohos anti-virus

Hi the_prime_minister_au, welcome to the forums.

Firstly, I know zip about iTunes… but, I think I can help you help yourself. From what you have described it sounds like CFP is blocking what it sees as unsolicited connection attempts (ie. something your PC didn’t specifically ask for). If you check CFPs Log (Activity tab), you should be able to see what CFP is blocking & hopefully the Log entry will also state which port these connections arrived on. What you need to do is to open that port in the Network Monitor by creating a rule to allow the inbound connection attempt. The new rule must be above the final Block & Log rule… this rule stops unsolicited connection attempts & is probably the rule responsible for rejecting the Uni users (the Log entries should confirm this). Any rules below this final Block & Log rule will never be reached (useful for temporarily disabling a rule).

I hope that helps, if not… please post again.

It’s port 3689 you are after. Instructions (with screen shots), thanks to PortForward, are here.