Shared Part for FW Rules

Before writing suggestion I’ll try to explain why I want it :slight_smile:

I’m using Notebook at home, office and many other places.

In my office I have LAN
And I created some Rules for applications (And GR too) for this Zone.

At home I also have Net.
But at home I want to apply other rules.

So below my 2 suggestion:

  1. Add “Enable/Disable” option for Rules


  1. Add ability to share Rules between Configurations. Example:
    New Rule has been created and asked for me “where to save? Shared Rules or Current Configuration?”
    Some Rules I’ll add to Shared part, some to Current.
    After that, I go to office and all I need - Just switch Configuration. Shared part stays same, but “Current” part switched from One Conf. to Another.

It will give more flexibility to Rules Management, especially for Notebook-Users.

Any comments?

For now, CIS is a great product for “static” users. I mean those, who changes their LAN rare.
Notebook users, and of course situations with different WiFi Network with same IP/Mask - absolutely terrible with dealing with CIS.

:-TU sounds good to me

Sounds like a good plan to me. Different profile for different situations as other security program have for years.

+1 :-TU