Severe application start slowdown after upgrading to Comodo Firewall


I am new user on the support forum, but I have been using Comodo Firewall from the beginning.

I’ve never had a severe isssue with the product until today.

The problem is that after upgrading to the newest Comodo Firewall version ( from some older version 10 (three - four months old), the applications that I start for the first time (after os restart) take ages to launch. It takes from 10 to 15 seconds after clicking the application icon for the application window to show up. If I close down this app and then after some time open it again, then there is no slowdown - this app starts then normally until I restart the system. It does not matter if this app is big or small - whether it is simple notepad or windows calculator, firefox or gimp. This issue was absent in the previous version I have been using, but unfortunatelly due to weird installer policy I can’t return to previous version BY CHOOSING the one that was working without problems. This slowdown is not due to disk/memory/processor problem, but due to Comodo Firewall - after uninstalling Comodo Firewall everything is back to normal.

Version number and name of the product: Comodo Firewall
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 64bit

This issue may be influenced by the settings I use. I need only Firewall functionality so I disable all the additional functions.

My settings:

Firewall: Enabled, Custom Ruleset (all apps are disabled by default, only several chosen apps are whitelisted)
HIPS: Disabled all settings
Containment: Disabled all settings
File Rating: Disabled all settings
VirusScope: Disabled all settings
WebSite Filtering: Disabled all settings

I observe that even when File Rating settings are disabled, Comodo Firewall still populates the File List and marks applications as Unrecognized, but switching the apps to trusted still does not resolve the problem.

My only solution as for today is to uninstall Comodo Firewall and install some old Comodo Firewall version 8 for which I have offline installer (as it was downloaded in the old good times when there was normal installer policy and both offline and online versions were available).

If I could return to the version 10 I have been using for the last three - four months it would be great…

Hello Pmarki,

Welcome to Comodo Forum.

Sorry that you are facing slowdown after updating to CIS To see what causes the slowdown, please follow this guide and provide us the performancedata.etl file generated.
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Dear PremJK

First of all thank you for your interest.

Unfortunatelly I am unable to provide the performancedata.etl file because of an error xperf (4.6.7231) gave me (screen attached).