Several problems all started at once!!

Hi All
I’ve been using Comodo Firewall successfully for months but today when I turned on my computer it’s causing problems! Firstly I couldn’t get onto any web pages and then once it had ‘caught up’ I had to allow IE access to the internet (which obviously I have done ages ago) and then several other applications were flagged up as well which I had to re-allow. Also, the tray icon now has a yellow exclamation mark and the programme says that Defense+ is not functioning properly but it never said this before and I have had Defense+ disabled since installation. I have run the diagnostic and it claims there are no issues and the programme updater comes up with an error 0x80072efd. It’s almost as if the firewall’s ‘memory’ has disappeared!
I’m not technically brilliant but could really do with some help (and I’d really like to know what I did to cause this).
Many thanks in advance for your help,

What changes have your made to your system recently?

I’ve been updating the drivers of a whole load of things I’m afraid which (other than this…) for once has caused remarkably few problems for a change. However, having shut down again, logged into safe mode (done very little) then logged on again, Comodo seems to have sorted itself out. So thanks anyway!