Setup Error

OK I am new to this stuff and it might be as simple as an ID-10-T. But I have installed it on two laptop and created a network and both laptop user can sign in and connect and see the other is connected but it they start a chat and try to connect in anyway it logs out and they cannot sign back in until they reboot. How do I fix this problem?

firewall protection ?

and check event log as well.

Yes, to the firewall and I did make it a trust app and open the ports needed. Like I said it will connect but if I chat it drops.

have you try with disabled firewall ?

OK I disable the firewall and it didn’t help. So, I re-enable and un-installed the software and reinstalled it and it seems to be working as far as connecting and chatting.

However I was trying to setup the office computer to allow the office people to connect to them from home and I must have did something wrong I cannot see it nor connect without soneone sitting here.

IT’s been a while since I used Unite but I think for remote access there always has to be somebody on the other end to initiate it.

A much better solution for remote access is Comodo Login Pro. It works great. I tried it earlier this spring.

make sure sharing option is enabled. you can use same login/password on many pc’s so i think you don’t need to allow sharing all the time.