settings>HIPS app control>manage window closes

I had to fix a blocked application, but whenever I go to settings>HIPS app control>manage the window pops up - you can see it loading the application list- and then suddendly closes (both the “manage” and the main Comodo firewall window). The program itself is still running.
I had to put the blocked application in the exlusion list (button “select” under “manage”) instead of editing a lock.
I tryied both as administrato and as standard user.
attached info version
Thank you.

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Comodo Antivirus is a beta software and still has a few bugs. A new CAVS 3 beta version is due to be released in the next month or so (one or two beta versions will likely be released first and then a completed CAVS 3 will be released). If I were you I would switch to an alternative such as Avast or Avira (both have great free versions) until CAVS 3 is completed. CAVS 3 promises to be excellent and a huge leap forward from CAVS 2 beta.

If you do decide to uninstall CAVS 2 beta I would recommend you use something like Revo Uninstaller (Free) to uninstall the beta as this should clear up all bits and pieces properly.