Setting up , very hard -- Finally solved [RESOLVED]

Can someone help set it up?
This should come with a warning " Rocket Scientist needed for setup" (:WIN)
I just can’t figure it out, spent many hours trying to just not successful I am trying to get it to work with me Linksys router.

Router information

subnet mask:

I tried for a few days with my laptop and I just can’t get it it to work. I uninstalled it because I think I messed up all the settings. (:LGH). Anyhow I would really like to use this firewall, i just can’t get it to work

silverdown, Welcome to the forums.

Can you please be more specific? What exactly is the issue your having?


After I install it then restarting there is no access to the net or my router. After my computer tries reaching my router (Linksys BEFSR41) it says I have limited or no connectivity. I set a zone for as a network zone and still no result. I also set programs I trusted as predefined policy and still nothing.

Hello Silverdown, Try or

nope still downs’t work unless i am doing it wrong… :frowning:

Have you been into your Router?

You should go into it… Maybe read the manual or call up Technical Support. Because it sounds like a problem with the Router Configuration.


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All you need is a credit card. We do NOT charge the credit card for 30 days. If you are happy and you want to subscribe to this service then don’t cancel and we will charge the credit card after 30 days. If you are not happy and you just want to cancel then you can cancel it within 30 days and there will be no charge, no matter how much help you got from us.

Its a service designed to give you what you need and give you a way out if you really don’t want to/can’t afford for the service!

Its a win-win for everyone!


If I did register for that service how will someone help me because one the firewall is install access to/from my ethernet adapter is pretty much dead.

My router is a BEFSR41 version 4.1 if that helps.

its not a telephone based service. it does require internet to be able to connect i am afraid.
If you did have internet, our experts would login to your machine and sort everything out while you watch them.


Well this bites, I really wanted comodo too.

I don’t see how much hiring a person would do anyhow since one comodo is installed the connect is not longer active(which is my problem). I don’t see how it can be the settings because with out comodo it works fine. wonder if there is another user comodo with the same router (Linksys BEFSR41 version 4.1).

You can explain to them what the problem is and they will fix it.


I finally found out why it wasn’t working, me trying to be too safe left my old ( sygate person firewall pro had for like 3-4 years they stop long ago so sygate is out dated) firewall installed because I didn’t want to not have a firewall, just incase I hate to uninstall comodo. I finally uninstall it from my laptop and tried comodo since I disconnect the cord to the back to the router it would still be safe. It installed and after I reconnected it it worked. So i was thinking, will it work on my desktop too? Sure enough it worked. I ignored the warning to uninstall third party firewalls that was MY big mistake!


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