Setting up my new router/hardware firewall

I’ve been pouring over my instruction manual trying to figure out the best way to set up my hardware firewall for the D-Link DGL-4100 router.

After maybe…an hour of searching I will come to you guys for help in setting this up. I am including screen captures from the router’s web address highlighting areas that I THINK are what I should be looking at. Any help in figuring out what to enable and disable would be great!

If you need more screen caps let me know, or if there is an option I’m missing let me know as well and I will try to find it. Also, any advanced setup techniques I might need to do would be cool as well.

You can find some good information on all of this here:


I have the exact same router. After the Comodo install I wish to turn off the hardware firewall. Is it possible to completely remove the firewall, I know I can uncheck the boxes but how about the NAT Endpoint Filtering?

Is this firewall only for WIFI when active?

Why?? You really should leave it on unless you have a very specific reason for turning it off.

Ewen :slight_smile:


The settings shown in the two screenshots look fine. Nice to see that uPnP is disabled by default (or did you do that?). Unless absolutely necessary and you know what you’re doing, stay away from the DMZ setting.

Other than that, it looks OK>

Ewen :slight_smile:

Why turn off your hardware firewall. A hardware firewall has better inbound protection then any software firewall ever could. Use Comodo for the HIPS and program control.

Just like all the others say, don’t disable the router’s firewall. You may want to read this if you wonder why:

But let’s say I didn’t have a router, so maybe there is no need for that protection. Why I want to disable it is because I’m tired opening ports for games and software.