Setting the firewall up to block all by default and other very basic questions

I am confused by the options in the firewall. I’d like to blacklist everything by default, including all Windows functions, then whitelist operations as they occurred, allowing actions i am okay with to go through, like Windows Mail.

1.Can someone give me a very basic description of how to do that?

  1. Is there a way to distinguish between svchost programs, to block at a sub level instead of all svchost operations?

  2. I have an existing set of rules i’d like to apply that i made with Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control. -(which i learned collects and distributes and possibly sells our data to aggregators!!!)- Is there a function with in Comodo Firewall to incorporate the rules i made before into Comodo?

Just to makes sure im not confusing anyone. By “block all” I just meant how do i block everything. I wasn’t referring to the “block all” Firewall parameter.

I’ve noticed a few weird things.

-Setting to “block all” continues to allow me to use the internet for some sites like youtube with firefox.

-No setting other than “block all” will stop Windows Mail from successfully checking for mail despite setting all the applications to “unrecognized” in both “file list” and vendor list. Must i see them to “malicious” to get the FW to block them?

I do not trust the current management at Microsoft at this time with my privacy and i oppose all of the tracking and aggregation efforts partial data sets from across the web to a single advert ID and other obviously traceable IDs and so i’d like to make sure nothing gets past the firewall. I just want to approve everything myself and thus i want to block all system functions.

I’d like an answer to this also, I am searching the FAQ’s and not finding any guides or tutorials that are relevant.

Have you tired changing the firewall policy from ‘Safe Mode’ to ‘Custom Ruleset’? Then use the setting ‘alert frequency level’ to adjust the granularity of the alerts from only one alert per application to per protocol & IP.

I had frequency level to very high with custom. I’ve uninstalled Comodo and moved on, but further replies may help others. I may try again sometime. I appreciated seeing the popup “vlc.exe is trying to access explorer.exe” and some other options seemed very interesting, but i wanted this basic level of control in place and couldn’t get there.