Setting "home network" rules to "any address"

Is it safe to set rules for “home network” to “Any address” in network zone section instead of defining a Network ip range?

I am asking this because I tried Ip range and equivalent subnetmask provided by my VPN provider but I am unable to connect VPN client when home network set to “ -” OR “ /” but VPN instantly connects to internet when I set home network rules to “any address”.

My VPN provider says my all rules (Global rules, application rules etc) are OK but I need to change “home network” rule which is “any address” and its wrong.


Sounds like you need to open a port in the global rules with a source address of any.

Can you elaborate more sir. Which port and how to open in global rules?

And thanks a lot for a quick and kind replay.

(Sir can I PM you screenshot of my firewall global, application, network zone rules? So you can examine the whole configurations and find a solution of my problem easily)

Without knowing which VPN client software and the VPN provider, I can’t tell you what port. You can’t add attachments to PM but if you use a image hosting site then you can send whatever info you want in the PM. Or it can be the IP range is wrong and you need to use a specific range for the VPN.

I have sent you PM sir please check. And thanks a lot for giving me time.