Setting firewall to block internet access for specific applications

As someone who travels most of the time, I use a combination of WIFI and Verizon wireless data service when I use my laptop on the road (depending on where I am).
Verizon’s “unlimited plan” has a monthly data limit of 5GB. I have several applications that I run on my laptop that stream data in the background,
such a service that automatically backs up my laptop. These programs could easily cause me to exceed the 5GB monthly limit on my Verizon service.
Is there a way to set Comodo to block internet access for specific applications when connecting to the internet through my Verizon card while
allowing these applications to access the internet when connected to the internet via WIFI?

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I don’t use these services myself, but allow me to attempt an answer, please.
I am presuming each has its own IP when you connect?
You could create a rule in the Firewall blocking the specific application on that IP
select your program, and block IP In/Out source single IP (the Verizon card) destination any Details IP Protocol Any.
since I cannot test this currently, let me know if this works.

Too complicated.

I would like to lock a few programs from supplying information as much I would like to stop ‘updaters’ changing UI and personal adjusments.
In Norton this is very easy. Each application is separately mentioned and you can tip in a box blocking or allowing ingoing/outgoing communication.

So I would like to know how to stop applications/programs being approached from outside sources.

Ifsomeone knows the answer, I would be very grateful.

i find it more complicated to switch each time manually the permissions for applications,
than to make one time an additional rule for an application that says:
“block connections [in, out, any protocoll] if source ip is (your mobile ip-range)”. put this rule on top of the rules which that application already has!


Clockwork, this a great idea. Do you know for sure that Comodo allows me to create such a rule, where I can block an application from the internet if my source IP is part of a specified range?
Will comodo automatically check for when I connect back to WIFI and turn on access for these applications?

its important that this block rule is on top of the rules for that program. and when you would get another ip at home, then this rule wouldnt be fired.

look carefully on your ip ranges (in both cases). maybe you get an ip that is not in that predefined range of yours. you must make yourself sure.

i would suggest you to try if it works. from my view, i find no point why it shouldnt.

just go to your rule set for firewall, and choose one program. then click on “add” and make a block rule for it yourself. make sure that you use the protocoll “IP”, and not one single protocoll like “TCP”. because, only if you block any protocoll (thats meant with IP in that place, … abit unlucky that it has the same name as internet adresses), you should be sure that nothing goes through that block rule, as long as your ip is in the blocked source range, of course.

source means “your internet adress”.

IF your pc is connected to a router, maybe it has a specific range related to the given ips from your router, while your real outbound ip (router to internet) is another one. thats why i say, test it with eyes wide open yourself, in each case.