Setting CTM to automatically make restore point for new program installations.

I’ve tried to make CTM act like Microsoft Windows 7 restore points, catching installations of new programs and making an automatic restore point. This would be really nice for me. I’ve set it to look for two files "setup.exe, " and msiexec.exe. I did this out of ignorance, not actually knowing which files to use that might actually catch all installations. The result, for me, was that NO FILES at all were caught by "setup.exe, " and “msiexec.exe” triggered only on the program "Itunes. " It made 14 different restore points during a single install of Itunes and Apple Quicktime. And I’ve never seen it trigger upon installing any other program at all. Could anyone please tell me where I’m going wrong? Is there any one file or group of files that I could set CTM to trigger on, in order to catch all (or even most) installations?

Even if that could be done, I don’t think I’d need it ! It’s just a simple task to make a Manual snapshot (with the added benefit of putting your own “description” of what that snap is about).