Set Custom Policy for Defense

I find it is convenient to copy from a predefined firewall rules, and make a new custom policy with a little modify. Why can’t we do the same in defense? Well, I’m pretty sure that it will help the customers to save a lot of time when editing the large amount custom policies for all the applications. Or when we choose a predefined rule for one application, we can also click the “access rights” which are grey after picking a settle rule to modify the rules.

Does this help:

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the OP isn’t talking about how to get to the predefined security policy.

i think this would be nice too :slight_smile:

Well, thanks for replying. Maybe my presentation wasn’t clearly enough. I mean, maybe the predefined rules are not compatible to the specific application(at least is not perfect fit). At which time, we need make some little changes based on the predefined rules. But after double-click the program in “computer security policy”, we can see “treat as …”,after choosing one of the rules, we can’t modify it with the access rights and protection settings. It’s not convenient. I mean, maybe the developers can use “copy from …(predefined rules)”,then the customers can modify it to the ideal custom policy (:HUG)