Services Stopped Continuous

Hi Dear;

Im test your korumail gateway, Fresh installation and have 3 basic domain and have 10+ users, antispam service is constantly on its own. sometimes we can manually restart it, but sometimes it is necessary to restart the server. Am I missing something?

Im using KoruMAIL_V6_esx.rar

I would like your help.

Best Regards.

Hi hidemir,

This has been analyzed by our test teams and developed related fixes in new release. Please update your system and monitor it again or you can install a new system by using our new iso template which is published in same place of our product web page also. This should be resolved.

You can use this one to install from start for the first use and then continue to update it to every latest release as in general.


hello I am having the same problem. I downloaded it from your site on 23.01.2019

6704 version of the problem is improved
thank you