services.exe is about to modify...

Hello, it happened when I updated comodo firewall pro or after I plug a pendrive in an usb port. It was the same day. It always happens when I start Windows XP.

“services.exe is about to modify the windows service registry root HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet003\Services\BITS\Start. It is unusual to get this type of alert because Defense+ normally handles these issues for you. If you are not installing or updating an application, you may consider blocking this alert temporarily i.e. without selecting “Remember my answer” option.”

What is it?


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BITS is Background Intelligent Transfer Service: Transfers files in the background using idle network bandwidth. If the service is disabled, then any applications that depend on BITS, such as Windows Update or MSN Explorer, will be unable to automatically download programs and other information.

Do you get this alert each time you slot in the USB stick? I assume you didn’t allow it. Is that correct?

If you have been using CIS for a while, and just started getting this alert, it is probably due to the change in services.exe’s default rule change.

Well, I remember the day when it began I putted an usb pendrive, and that day I updated Comodo Firewall Pro. So I thought that the problem began after do that. It only happens when I start Windows. But, well, yesterday I installed Windows Xp (KB967715) update an the problem has disappeared. (I don’t know why, but it’s the same (:WIN))

Thanks a lot for all.