services.exe contradiction

i am having a super adhd/ocd moment and its bugging me to no end, gaaaaaaaaaaa

running windows 7 x64 HP Comodo IS free (AV, Firewall, Defense+)

see attached and this happens whenever i install some programs or plug in hardware (usb flashdrives or hdd)

and i tried to add services.exe to the trusted processes/files/etc.
but it says its already added

please help because i work with alot of hardware and this is driving me up the wall@@!!!
or at least let me find a way to treat it as a trusted application… in the pic it doesn’t give me a choice

[attachment deleted by admin]

anyone, anyone at all??

can anyone help me??

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Hello, Unfortunately this is the way it is designed…there have been several complaints. Lets hope it’s worked on.

You can safely allow this alert.

i want to have the program save as always allow, i cant like clicking through all those prompts every time :stuck_out_tongue:

and this doesn’t happen in windows xp, so it its a little mysterious…

i know the actions are safe because they pop up when i stop/disable services, or when i plug in usb hardware

i just need to control myself for now and plug in all my usb hardware in safe mode…

Have you tried to run Comodo diagnostics? These alerts should be converted into one by guard32/guard64(?) [if i’m right] and this ONE alert should be allowed silently except one case (unknown process is trying to install a driver).

ran diagnostics, said no issues found…

AFAIK in older versions of CIS services.exe was set als trusted app in D+.
With latest versions it’s set as custom policies. In this policy everything is allowed for services.exe except protected registry is set to ask.
If you change it ti allow, you won’t get this questions of D+, but you also decrease your security. I do NOT recommend this. But this is the easiest way.
Services.exe is the app, which installs drivers/programms in registry. So if you allow services.exe to change every entry of registry by default, that’s not what is intended by developers of CIS.
It’s your choice.

Hope i could help you.

i found a fix, i only recommend it on computers known to be clean from malware

goto the firewall section of the big comodo window > click on define new trusted application > click on select > running processes > chooses services.exe > click ok

i no longer get prompts whenever i plug in new usb hardware, yay =)

yay for a fix… let me know if it doesn’t work…