services.exe and MBAM

This afternoon I updated Malwerebytes and started a full scan afterwards. While the scan was initializing D+ sent a pop-up saying that services.exe was trying to modify a registry key and “this is not a normal request because D+ usually deals with this for you. You may consider blocking this request without remembering the answer”
I forgot to snapshot the pop-up but I’m posting the log. Is it something to worry about? Does it have to do with MBAM beeing updated? (it upgraded as well).


[attachment deleted by admin]

I have seen MBAM write to the registry writing the swiss army service key. I always download these programs from a reputable host list Filehippo.

You can also check MBAM’s credibility by trying to add if to My Pending Files. It will say it is already on the safe list.

Nothing to worry about. CIS is extra cautious for actions by services.exe as drivers can be started and installed as a service. Rootkits are a sort of drivers; hence the extra cautiousness.

Thank you Eric.