Service stops (restarts) when trying to open a RDP session - Windows 2003

Hi, found this bug when testing on a Windows 2003 server R2 SP2, 32bit processor. The CUnite version I used is 3.0.2, 32bit respectively.

After I reboot the machine, and before I log on to the server with the domain administrator account, the service seems to be running ok. I can tell that as the server is showing available in the CUnite window of my other pc, under “My computers” section of the CUnite UI.

However, when I try to open a RDP session to the server from my pc, service stops (actually restarts), making the RDP connection impossible to establish. Again, I can tell that for sure as during the attempt to open the session the server disappears from “My computers” section of the CUnite UI. Now the strange thing, when the RDP stops trying to establish the connection giving me the error message, the service on Win2003 server is up again, and server appears magically again under “My computers” section.

This only happens of course if no account has logged in win2003 server after a reboot; after logging in with the administrator (or any other) account the service works as it should.

Good luck debugging!

Hi Snatch:

   Would you please provide more detail on you issue?
   1. Do you install same version Unite on your computers? If not, which version is installed on your other pc?
   2. Bandwidth of connection between your pc?