Service is down again

Service is Down … Again!
I am curious to know why this service goes down so often.
Is there a Service Status Page I can view instead of going
through a system checkout to confirm it is not my setup?
If the service is being taken down for some sort of maintenance
it would be nice to know.

Hi, I have same problems. COMODO Unite is down at least 3 times a week and I can’t understand why. I don’t think that there is so much maintenance.
Does it happen that often to you too? :-[

It definitely doesn’t happen 3 times a week I’ll tell ya that. Maybe once a month or once every 2 months. It’s been down all weekend this weekend though. Hope its up soon.

Hi all.

Same problem!
Really damage, Unite is a very good tool, really very good, but these connections problems are distracting.


A good day of France to the Comodo forum.


I opened a trouble ticket, next time please open a ticket if the service is down on

Hi Gents,

Unite should be back up now.

Ronny, Sorry about that, I didn’t think to do that!

It seems to be up and running now!

No problem.

Thx Ronny, the service was restarted Monday and is OK now.

The question remains, why the downtime?


I don’t know, I’m just a volunteer moderator, but it seems something is choking the server every now and then…

Thank you to help the community Comodo Rony, obviously only a head of Comodo might provide a precise answer to these problems.

Today, the service is again stopped…

I was wondering if there was anything that we can do to help?
As the UNITE Service being down makes it unusable~
Please let us know if we can help.

Thanks, for your Time and Consideration

could this possibly be related to the fact that 5.x.x.x ips are being assigned to people now?

i would think if we could move to a new unassigned block it would make things work better, for us and those who use that netblock. Can only assume hamachi will have some sort of action taken against it for effectively blocking access to that block; if what ive been told is true about how hamachi works of course.

still couldnt hurt to use a different block like 75.x.x.x or 142.x.x.x
from what i understand said blocks are currently vacant like 5.x.x.x used to be.

if the issue is from extra server load, it could be from people trying to connect to actaul 5.x.x.x ips, and being redirected to the unite servers. couldnt hurt too much to move out of the 5.x.x.x block as it will need to be done eventually anyways

CUnite is still down… actually im a new user of CUnite and really impressed with it’s features, especially the VPN and remote control. But the purpose will be defeated if there will always be a downtime. I hope the COMODO team have a good explanation on these and could provide stable connections.

Also here, same thing. The service is down very often.
So it seems I have to search alternatives, but I think there are no alternatives that are this good.
I’m using Comodo to create a virtual drive, and with direct connection the speed is very good.