Service down?

Have been unable to send and receive Email through the gateway for the last few hours.

Yes seems like it, we have not received any incoming email through Comodo for 6 hours now. Their sending service has probably broken again…

It’s after 11am in western Europe and no sign of the system working - so we’ve had no incoming email since last night.

Again very frustrating not to receive any notifications about downtime or even acknowledgment that there is a problem, let alone a timescale for a resolution.

Yes they continue to not meet expectations, this is why we have moved most of our customers away from this service in the past year. No emails were received by anyone for the past 12 hours.

It seems whenever Comodo ASG has a major outage outside of US business hours they don’t have the support processes or staff in place to deal with it.

We started receiving mail about an hour ago, judging by my mail flow, I estimate it was down for about 12 hours

I am on this guys.

its unacceptable for a critical service like this to have outage like that.
My apologies. You deserve better and I am working back side off to get this done.


I’ve got a couple domains with non-delivery also :confused: Though only recently, perhaps last hour.

My delivery queues have now caught up after about 1.25hr of non-delivery.