Service Down???

My company, as well as some clients, are not receiving any emails from the spam filter. I do see new emails in the log but nothing seems to be coming across. No one has received an email since last night.

Same situation here. Not seeing anything new in quarantine or archive either. Sent several test messages from external accounts, no delivery.

Just talked to support and they are aware of the issue. Said the last they heard everything should be back up in an hour. However, that was an hour ago.

Seems like it was down early, I placed a ticket around 9:30. Also got the estimate of 1 hour (at 10:40 EDT), timely response from support (Edit: Got first reply within minutes). just hoping we don’t lose mail.


I haven’t had any mail delivered for 8 hours now…


LOL that worked :slight_smile: Just had the first one trickle through. I sent it from a test account 6 hours ago. Hopefully that means we won’t be losing any mail.

Stuff coming in now. Phew.


ok, I just sent and received a test message from the outside. Wonder where the queued stuff is?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the service cut in ASG. We had a problem with one of host servers. The problem is fixed and the system is working properly for the last couple of hours and currently delivering the queued mails to your servers. We are taking nesessary steps not to have this kind of problem again.

Best Regards,
Hasan Turkyilmaz

Just to tag on that email will not be ‘lost’ in these instances. All email sent to any domain in ASG goes into a delivery queue. That email will then be delivered as intended (in this case with an unanticipated delay) or will be bounced back to the original sender if the email’s TTL expires while it is in the queue.

Unlike a couple of our competitors in this space we do not silently’drop’ emails as this would go against the rules of SMTP and RFCs.